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Check out this quick pitch video:

GHOST TREK: CONFEDERATE GHOULS, is a dark, creepy, exciting, AND utterly hilarious feature film that takes on racism with dark-comedy, very much like Get Out (Blumhouse’s smash hit)– but in a reality show setting (to be shot cinematic, docu-style and POV) with a return to classic eighties-style horror in the same fashion as Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.  The story line follows the P.U.D.S. (Paranormal Underworld Detective Society) Team to a remote town in the Low Country of South Carolina to investigate a haunted mansion summoned by an old witchy woman who resides adjacent to a Confederate Cemetery…. (please go here to download the full proof-of-concept pitch bible) GHOST TREK Pitch Journal_Final_3_10_18


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“It was a time of a shifting cultural landscape: the PMRC, Jesse Helms and the forces of censorship waged war on the arts, including punk, metal and hip-hop, with the likes of Judas Priest and 2 Live Crew squarely in their sights. Into those crosshairs came Michael Plumides, who’d come up through the ranks of college radio to operate Charlotte’s controversial 4808 Club.

In his memoir, KILL THE MUSIC, Plumides describes the highs and lows of running a venue, from sleazy sexual liaisons with horny patrons and butting heads with overachieving alcohol and vice agents, to backroom intrigue at the hands of a rival club owner, and the outrageous musical personalities who walked (or staggered) through the loading-dock doors of the club. Things came to a head in September, 1990, when theatrical metal maestros GWAR were booked for a high-profile, all-ages show at the 4808 – it was the opportunity local authorities had been waiting for. Not only is the book a lively read, brimming with memorable, true-life characters (Soundgarden, Bad Brains, Danzig, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Crowes, L.A. Guns, Widespread Panic, Motorhead, Megadeth, Hootie and the Blowfish), it is also a crucial snapshot of a place and time that hasn’t really been documented all that thoroughly.

When Mike Plumides opened up the 4808 Club, the circus officially came to town in Charlotte, and when he was finally forced to shut it down a few short years later, the circus pulled up stakes and left. If you ask some of the locals who still live in Charlotte, by some measures that circus has never come back.”

Fred Mills – Managing Editor – Blurt Magazine

Buy your copy here


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Art By Michael G. Plumides, Jr.


My name is Michael Plumides, and I’m an author, creative consultant, and filmmaker. You may know me as Executive Producer of Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut. I’m here to get you excited about my film entitled, Faces of Professor Gates.

Script Link: Faces of Professor Gates 03_12_17

This is the story of Professor David Gates, PhD, a forensic psychologist who teaches in the Criminal Justice Department at the University of Charleston. David’s case studies assist law enforcement in understanding the psychotic mind.

David is at an impasse in his life, with his wife recently dying of cancer and mother suffering from Alzheimer’s, he feels very alone, although his pretty grad assistant, Collette, has taken a shine to him. Oddly, David unwittingly discovers he has a twin in New York; a bizarre artist in Greenwich Village named Richard Scythe, who is celebrated for painting his lurid portraits of sadistic murder scenes. Some say the art is erotic and others say it’s misogynistic. Regardless, Professor Gates has been separated since birth and longs to be reunited with his brother to fill the emptiness inside him.

Upon meeting, David and Richard are involved in a horrific automobile accident. Richard is killed on impact and David’s face is damaged beyond recognition. A radical, experimental surgery takes place marking the first successful face transplant performed on twins. David recovers miraculously and after a year of physical therapy, he attempts to resume his life once again at the University, with Collette by his side.

Gates 3 black and white

However, all is not as it seems. Since the surgery, David is having twisted, grotesque nightmares and people start dying under strange circumstances every time Gates falls asleep. He’s also painting his own grisly portraits.  As Professor Gates feverishly chronicles his experience on his laptop, he questions his own sanity as the bodies pile up.

David struggles for his very soul in Faces of Professor Gates, a psychological horror/thriller that pays homage to classic genre films like Hellraiser, American Psycho, and Silence of the Lambs, but with the appeal of recent fare like Split, Get Out, or Green Room.

This is not a “jump scare” movie.

Faces of Professor Gates will have depictions of BDSM, violence, gore, brief nudity, offensive language, and adult situations. However, the film is darkly-comedic so it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s open-ended with sequels in mind. The film also has branding potential in the 18-49 market, a possible cult hit with the coldness of Cronenberg and the camp of early De Palma.

 I’m Michael Plumides, thanking you in advance for your support.

Gates card

Faces of Professor Gates is copyrighted by Michael Plumides with the Library of Congress

Faces of Professor Gates copyright

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My name is Michael Plumides and my comic project called Nocturnity.  I am also currently writing the Nocturnity novel, a follow up to my 2009 memoir, Kill the Music.
 The Nocturnity series follows Jade Winters, a misplaced teenager living a dull life in a rural Midwestern American town who has aspirations to leave and never look back. But that’s not all Jade dreams about. Jade dreams of weird things… and they are coming.


When Jade’s hamlet is terrorized by an unknown, diabolical force, he is relentlessly pursued by menacing, shadowy figures leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. There are strangers afoot in the town of Antioch, stalking Jade for reasons unknown.
Perhaps Jade’s beautiful young mom, Jenna, should have told him about her strange and dark past. To Jade’s rescue comes two Nocturns: Argasus and Lexi Minx, freakish, light-sensitive, immortal misfits, and the last of their kind. Suddenly, Jade is on the run with his new comrades and the future is uncertain as nefarious villains are suddenly in hot pursuit of the young grocery store clerk.
I really think Nocturnity will do great with both comic and horror, fantasy, and sci-fi fans. It has all the right hooks; anti-heroes, a little innocence and a ton of sexiness, diversity, and lots of cool monsters.
I worked on the Nightbreed TV series under contract as “Creative Consultant” for three years for Morgan Creek Productions and we will start pitching it in 2017. Nocturnity is similar to that work, done in the spirit of Stranger Things, but pays homage to Del Toro, Lovecraft, Mignola, and of course, Clive Barker but the structure is more akin to X-Men.
I also have a background in promotion; I have been promoting content in some form or another for thirty years starting out as Promotions Director of my college radio station, then nightclub promotion which resulted in the infamous GWAR bust of 1990 , band management and concert promotion of hundreds of legendary bands (Social Distortion, Bad Brains, Corrosion of Conformity, Testament, Bad Religion, etc.), I self-published a book in 2009 called Kill the Music, I went to horror conventions promoting my concept, Ghost Trek, doing make up exhibitions and screenings to standing-room-only crowds.
I promoted Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut on a grass roots level and spearheaded the distribution deal with Scream Factory which resulted in a Saturn Award.
My team consists of:
Amrit Birdi, a London illustrator who has done work for Marvel, Stella, and Porsche
Dee Cunniffe, pride of Ireland, who has flatted some of the best covers of 2015
Mindy Lopkin, a rising star in lettering, recently, working closely with Amrit on the best-selling graphic novel of all time (UK), Username: Evie with Birdi.
I have attached everything you need to see; Pitch deck with descriptions, artwork, a few testimonials, copyright, #1 script.  I have four more comic scripts written for your perusal if you so choose to see them. I also have six television series scripts written.


Nocturnity copyright

Nocturnity #1 (1_11)


NOCTURNITY Comic Cover 2

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This is a comic script I wrote for Clive Barker’s Hellraiser Anthology on Boom! that was never used supposedly because it was “too long” so I thought I would give it to you, Occupy Midian! After you read it, give me an opinion.  I tried to keep with the twisted perspective of the original concept. Enjoy!  Merry Christmas!


Hellraiser What cost immortality edited final 9_11_14

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Drive-By Truckers 11/1/14, Charlotte NC

Drive-By Truckers 11/1/14, Charlotte NC

Dates: November 1, 2014

Location: The Fillmore, Charlotte NC

Truckers lead pic


I had an opportunity to catch Drive-By Truckers at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC on Saturday evening. The veteran Athens quintet is out supporting two new release set to drop on November 18 (details below).

Truckers 5

Truckers 6

Truckers bw

Truckers 2

Truckers 4

This from the DBTs website:

“We are thrilled to announce the English Oceans Deluxe Edition CD and Black Ice Vérité DVD and LP coming on Tuesday November 18, 2014. Some of you might remember, we recorded a live performance of our latest album last February at The Fabulous 40 Watt Club. All hell broke loose, weather wise, but The Show Went On and our friend Jason Thrasher caught it all on film. The end result is a film we’re really all proud of, running through the new songs in front of a small crowd at one of our favorite rooms on Earth.

“The Black Ice Vérité LP (and bonus CD on the Deluxe Edition) is a collection of 8 songs recorded live, three acoustic performances from The Hay Bale Session we recorded the morning of our Bonnaroo performance, and 5 tracks from this year’s HeAthens Homecoming Weekend in Athens GA. A few old songs, a few new songs and a few very different versions. Available on Glorious White Vinyl (with DVD of Black Ice Vérité included).

“The English Oceans Deluxe Edition CD/DVD includes the album, our most acclaimed work in years, along with the DVD of Black Ice Vérité and a CD of the Black Ice Vérité Bonus Tracks.”


Tour Dates:

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 Photos by me.

 Weezer 5The 14th Annual Weenie Roast was held in Charlotte, NC, hosted by 106.5, The End (WEND-FM – Clear Channel) and Live Nation. With roughly ten thousand in attendance on a balmy September Saturday, So-Cal geek rock aficionados, Weezer, headlined the all day affair with notables, Foster the People, Fitz and the Tantrums, long standing alt. rockers, Fuel, The Pretty Reckless, and others.

Weezer celebrates the 20th Anniversary of their debut release entitled, Weezer (certified “Triple Platinum”), with a a brand new album entitled,Everything Will Be Alright in the End featuring the single, “Back to the Shack”– dropping October 7th.

Weezer 7???????????????????????????????




Weezer 9

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