by Michael G. Plumides, Jr.

The flowers wilted today.
They grew tired of waiting.
All they ever did
day in, day out was wait,
hoping against hope
That you would come back.
The sun beckoned them
but they refused to feel.
The water was crystal
but they refused to drink.
The air was fresh,
but they refused to breathe.
The day was bright
but they refused to see.
Once blossoming and alive
Now brittle, and lifeless
The flowers were certain that you would
Return, but you did not.
So, to punish themselves
They decided to wither.
The flowers wilted today.
They waited for far too long.


Michael G. Plumides, Jr. is the author of the critically acclaimed indie book, entitled, KILL THE MUSIC, available on www.amazon.com.  For more information, click the link below:




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