From the author of the critically-acclaimed book KILL THE MUSIC comes GHOST TREK, an uncensored comic – horror series based around a paranormal reality show.

GHOST TREK follows the Paranormal Underworld Detective Society (PUDS) as they investigate haunts across the U.S. and abroad between tanning beds, babes, body-building, and bong hits – all the while risking life and limb capturing the undead on video. The pilot episode begins in the show’s second season and introduces the characters in a “teaser” fashion.

Principal photography for GHOST TREK: THE KINSEY REPORT was shot in four days in reality-style and POV high definition in Charlotte, NC, and its environs December 10-13, 2010. Additional photography and second unit were shot January – March, 2011.

GHOST TREK is lead by Dr. Zeke Wallace (Michael Melendez), a good-looking ex-chiropractor turned paranormal investigator, who is living in New York with his girlfriend, Shawna Leibowitz (Gia Allemand) who is also the show’s producer. Scary Carrie Carmichael (Christy Johnson), the “Living-Dead Roller-Girl”, pines away as the GHOST TREK case manager as Harvey Goldman, The Executive Producer, forbids her face time due to her freakish outward appearance.

The other PUDS investigators are: Barry ‘The Bomb’ Burkowski and Joey ‘Mayhem’ Moscone (affectionately called The Goon Squad), two ex-wrestlers from New Jersey who hung up their tights for a paying gig (Glenn Gilbertti and Scott Colton).The fashion-conscious psychic, Guy Swisher (Brett Gentile), is comedic genius incarnate. The team’s tech specialists and devoted stoners are Robbie (Michael Bortone) and Ray-Ray (Jonny Fairplay). Weasel is the kleptomaniac “emo” cameraman (Kevin Johnson). The ‘newbie’, Jules Partridge, (Julia Bullock) is the “investigator in training” chosen by the network marketing department.

In the pilot, the PUDS team travels to Aspen, Colorado to investigate a supposed “cursed” house where a young pageant girl, Tyler Rae Kinsey (Addy Miller), was choked to death with a jump rope. Although it was never proven, Tyler Rae’s jealous, overweight older sister, Claire (Brittany Renfro), was suspect (Tyler Rae’s parents, also under suspicion, were later killed in a car crash running from the Paparazzi).

Writer/Producer/Co-Director Plumides and Addy Miller (The Walking Dead) in her make up as Tyler Rae Kinsey in GHOST TREK: THE KINSEY REPORT.

Meanwhile, Shawna is fuming over Zeke’s out–of-control spending, especially now that she suspects he’s cheating on her. But Shawna’s forced to sit still for Zeke’s lunar escapades with Russian model Svetlana (Cora Deitz) as Harvey Goldman (Michael Plumides) says, “He’s trending.”

Director of Photography and Co-Director, Robert W. Filion, has worn a lot of hats. He’s a director, producer, unit production manager, visual effects coordinator, and sound mixer with 17 years of filmmaking experience. Robert is also the 2008 American Zombie Film Competition winner for his short, See the Dead, judged, moderated, and sponsored by the iconic creator of Night of the Living Dead, George Romero. Rob also co-produced the award-winning Last Confederate.

Creator, Writer, Producer, and Co-Director Michael Plumides is a celebrated author and writer, making his directorial debut with the GHOST TREK TV pilot.

Michael conceptualized GHOST TREK in late 2009 after watching marathon episodes of cable paranormal reality shows such as Ghost Adventures, Paranormal State, and Ghost Hunters International. He was convinced of an underlying comedic element to each show, begging to be lampooned. Michael began developing the characters of GHOST TREK in early 2010, and completed a feature script in March. Then using the screenplay as a template, Plumides wrote six television episodes.

Combining the camp of Kolchak: the Night Stalker, the dynamics of The X-Files, the social commentary of Clerks, the drama of Entourage, the humor of The Young Ones, and the zany hijinx of Scooby Doo, there’s no question GHOST TREK will be a hit with the Family Guy and/or Ghost Hunters crowd.

Described by Jason Tracey, writer and producer of USA’s Burn Notice as “promising and well-written,” GHOST TREK combines indie-horror with indie-comedy creating a crossover market appeal by incorporating reality stars and actors, plus masterful special effects make-up and graphic design.

GHOST TREK: THE KINSEY REPORT features music from Angels on Acid, Isabelle’s Gift, Star Killer, and Hellblinki plus original score buy Hit Music, Inc.

Watch the GHOST TREK trailer here:

Executive Producers are: Bill Walker and Anne Saunders

GHOST TREK: THE KINSEY REPORT premieres at ConCarolinas on Saturday, June 4th, 2011 at 7 PM. There will be a Q & A session afterward.  For more information,  please go to

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