PSYCHIC BRATS to shoot in Charlotte on February 11, 2012 and to premiere at MAD MONSTER PARTY as part of a big GHOST TREK promotion, March 23-25

I don’t know where I come up with this stuff sometimes.  The early indications where there.  Guy Swisher was a great character, and he was excellently depicted by Brett Gentile.  Swisher is a hilariously offensive southern gay man, so much that a reviewer at Turner even called him “crude”.  So I wanted to give him his own show.  Similarly,  Chip Coffey started out on Paranormal State and moved up to host PSYCHIC KIDS, and Guy Swisher started out on GHOST TREK so the natural progression would obviously be PSYCHIC BRATS.

The premise:  Psychic Guy Swisher discovered he was “gifted” at an early age: The Charlestonian struggled with his clairvoyant abilities with no one to turn to.  Knowing how difficult he had it, Guy has now taken it upon himself to counsel a group of children who abuse their parents, teachers, and siblings manipulating everything and everyone around them through mind control.

Guy’s mission is to help these special children through the awkward years, and talk about piling on, how to restrain their psychic abilities and be model children in society.  Good luck on that one.  The show will also double-dip as a foray into Guy’s personal life in a kind of, HGTV way.  This one is way over the top: Sid and Nancy, Taxi Driver, The Wizard of Oz, and Village of the Damned – some really funny, zany stuff.  We will be screening the trailer at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC on March 24th.

Go to for ticket information, guests, and schedule. To get up-to-date information on GHOST TREK: become a fan on Facebook here and to check out our website go here, watch our “sizzle reel” here and follow us on Twitter!/GhostTrekTV

We will be screening the award-winning GHOST TREK: THE KINSEY REPORT and Conor McCullagh (SyFy’s Face Off) will perform a live special effects make up exhibition on Addy Miller (The Walking Dead) as our “Ghostly Pageant Princess, Tyler Rae Kinsey”.  So, don’t miss this photo op!  Hope to see you guys there.  

Addy Miller (The Walking Dead) and Michael Plumides (Ghost Trek, Psychic Brats) ham it up. (Photo: Justin Kates)

The new "Tyler Rae Kinsey - Ghostly Pageant Princess" sculpt by Conor McCullagh to premiere at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, NC on Saturday, March 24th. Don't miss this photo op with Addy Miller!

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