Hey, folks!  Just got finished shooting PSYCHIC BRATS this weekend.  Fantastic work by by my co-director, Robert Filion and our lead, Brett Gentile as the hilarious “Guy Swisher” from GHOST TREK.  Also a big shout out to Jack MCollum, Chris Pittman, and Conor McCullagh plus excellent photography by Justin Kates. Dr. Kimberly Vague did an outstanding job for us at Parkwood Middle School in Monroe, North Carolina, and we also want to thank Daphne Aycock and John Fuller for allowing us to use their home in the Dilworth area of Charlotte.  And let’s not forget all of the PSYCHIC BRATS and actors.  It was a pleasure to work with these children, as they were all professional and well behaved. Our “party guests” were fantastic for Guy Swisher’s seance – “Nancy Spungen” really shines but kinda looks more like Dusty Rhodes, The American Dream”.

Here are some brand new promotional photos for PSYCHIC BRATS so, enjoy!  Oh, and don’t forget to come to the MAD MONSTER PARTY for the premiere of PSYCHIC BRATS – we will also be screening GHOST TREK: THE KINSEY REPORT! Go here for more information and tickets:


Also as part of our promotion Conor McCullagh will perform a live prosthetic application on Addy Miller (The Walking Dead) for a GHOST TREK presentation as well.  Addy will be in full costume as “Tyler Rae Kinsey – Ghostly Pageant Princess” so don’t miss this photo op! It’s gonna be a frightfully fun day at the Mad Monster Party.  Here’s a featurette we prepared solely for the event:

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