Yes, that’s right kiddies!  PSYCHIC BRATS wins “Viewers Choice Award” at the MAD MONSTER PARTY FILM FEST hosted by – GHOST TREK and PSYCHIC BRATS screened together hosted by Addy Miller (The Walking Dead) in her “Ghostly Pageant Princess” costume from the pilot episode GHOST TREK: THE KINSEY REPORT with make up by Conor McCullagh!

The turn out was fantastic.  And Conor McCullagh’s make demo on Addy Miller was also a huge turn out with hundreds of people in attendance!  Promoter Joe Moe described the live make up exposition as “one of the more anticipated events at the Mad Monster Party.”

This is what they said in HORROR NEWS! ‎”It came as no surprise that after packing the house for a makeup demo by Conor McCullagh of Syfy’s Face-off with Addy Miller of The Walking Dead that the new series Psychic Brats from Ghost Trek filmmakers Michael Plumides and Robert W. Filion won the coveted Viewer’s Choice Award.” A pic of me and Addy made it in HORROR NEWS too! Go here to check out the review:

Go here to check out our MAD MONSTER video:

PSYCHIC BRATS screens next at BLOOD ON THE BEACH in Virginia Beach, Va.  For more information go to 

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