We are a group of like-minded filmmakers and fans who wish to defy the status quo. We will meet on the last Thursday of each month at Cosmos in Uptown Charlotte, NC. There will be no membership fee or entry cost. All are invited. Our mission is to promote and understand the many facets of filmmaking in the Carolinas and beyond. We use the term “Anarchists” loosely, not to be taken literally. We’re just here to shake things up a bit.

Our meetings are FREE TO ATTEND! Our first meeting will be held on Thursday, May 31st at 8 PM in the Uptown Charlotte area at Cosmos, located at 300 N. College Street, Charlotte, NC 28208.  Our speakers will be Conor McCullagh (Face Off Season One winner), Mark Young (Director – Tooth and Nail, Southern Gothic, The Killing Jar), Worth Keeter, (Earl Owensby Studios and director of over one hundred Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episodes), Bill Walker (Charlotte DVD manufacturer at Succession Solutions), Brian Cullinan (Editor of Shuffle Magazine), and Beth Petty (Charlotte Regional Partnership – Film Office). Cheap drinks and a $5 Anarchy Burger with Fries! Come and join the folks who actually want to bring all of Charlotte’s filmmakers together.

The Charlotte Film Anarchists group was formed by Michael Plumides (Chief Anarchist), who recently signed a production deal with ThinkFactory Media for his indie TV pilot, GHOST TREK.  ThinkFactory recently shot Sleeping Around in Charlotte, NC and environs,  also produces Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, and  more recently finished The Hatfields and McCoys miniseries – with Kevin Costner airing Memorial Day. Second in command is Jamie McRoberts, head honcho at, and self-described “Chief Conspirator” of the Charlotte Film Anarchists.

Plumides says, “Our intention is to offer a new group for filmmakers to meet and discuss film and television production in Charlotte and beyond – actors, directors, producers as well as fans to have a meeting place once a month, where they aren’t charged an admission fee. Some of the more established film groups in town actually charge as much as $10 just to meet in a public place. We felt it was time for a change. We wanted to form a new group that doesn’t charge and includes everyone – one that doesn’t alienate filmmakers. McRoberts and I were inspired by how many of our fellow indie film folks gathered recently during the Ghost Trek make up exhibition at the Mad Monster Party Horror Convention in March – it was fantastic. It was very exciting. I would have that feeling again with my peers. We hope to accomplish exactly that – and bring filmmakers and fans together in positive interaction.”

Roberts says, “What sets this group apart is there are no membership fees or meet up fees. Many of us are struggling filmmakers that put much of their own individual resources into our productions, that at the end of the day it doesn’t always work out where we can scrounge up additional monies simply to meet and talk with our fellow filmmakers. Plumides started the ball rolling by finding a venue that would allow us to meet once a month, to create positive proactive filmmaking partnerships.”

Plumides goes on to say, “Each of our featured guest speakers will show a five to ten minute reel of their work, or the subject they are speaking on. We also want to share the work we’re doing with other filmmakers, friends and fans. And now we will have a forum at Cosmos Uptown, where people will feel more comfortable doing so. We also wanted food and drinks to be cheap in these tough economic times, so I came up with the $5 Anarchy Burger with Fries. There will also be drink specials. The cheap drinks are important in situations like these.

Animators, CGI designers, web designers, or game designers, costumers, special effects and make-up artists are all invited too. This is an all-encompassing confederation of filmmakers. And don’t forget the fans and the curious because we got some love for them too. After writing my book, Kill the Music in 2009, I wanted to get into film production, so I learned everything I could about film and TV production. Now I have a television show in development, and I also have a major motion picture in development. I didn’t go to film school. I have a law degree. We invite people in the region to not only celebrate and support film and television production in Charlotte, but we hope you might learn something from us – the folks that are doing it and not just talking about it. We’re not charging you for some seminar. We want to share our knowledge.”

Next month for our speakers we hope to have Addy Miller from The Walking Dead and her mom Jaime Pierce Miller to discuss “The Do’s and Don’ts” of child acting, Jonny Fairplay of Survivor to talk about reality television, Robert Filion to talk about photography direction, and post production, and Jay Morong of the Back Alley Film Series.

It will all happen on June 28th as part of our commitment to bring you excellence in our filmmaking presentations at Cosmos, Uptown. Hope to see you next month. Don’t forget it’s free.

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