Gia re-tweeted our Twitter post when she found out we had reached #2 in the “Horror” category on Amazon Studios only one month ago.  I think she was excited to come back – she saw potential in our project. Here is our AMAZON STUDIOS link:


Gia Allemand, who was a contestant on season 14 of The Bachelor, was taken to University Hospital in New Orleans on Monday night. Apparently, she was found by her boyfriend hanging from her neck, unconscious, and was immediately rushed to the hospital.  She died two days later, due to lack of oxygen to her brain.  She was taken off life support on Wednesday, August 15th.

Gia starred in my award-winning indie paranormal sitcom, Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report and appears in the new episode, Ghost Trek: Goomba Body Snatchers Mortuary Lockdown premiering this October on Dread Central.

We are shocked and terribly saddened by the news about Gia. She had such potential as an actress and we had her slated for our Amazon Studios feature film project, Ghost Trek: Confederate Ghouls to reprise her role as “Shawna Leibowitz” – I had hoped she would have recovered.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family in this dark time. Her funeral will be held in New York this week –

The late Bachelor alum’s funeral will be held this week in New York, with a public visitation held Wednesday Aug. 21 at 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Papavero Funeral Home in Maspeth, N.Y.

A funeral service will follow Thursday at Trinity Grace Church of Chelsea in New York City at 11 a.m.


Gia Allemand and Michael Plumides prepare for a scene in the Nascar Plaza in December 2010.

I am saddened regarding her loss.  She and I had good chemistry, seen here filming at the NASCAR Executive Tower – me playing her boss, Harvey Goldman in the award-winning Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report.  Gia re-tweeted our Twitter post when she found out we had reached #2 in the “Horror” category on Amazon Studios only one month ago.  I think she was excited to come back – she saw potential in our project. 
Both Jonny Fairplay and I feared she may have killed herself because Ryan wanted her to move out. It was so out of character for her to take her own life – at least we discussed. I believe she suspected that he was cheating. 
I spent several days with Gia. Her abrupt passing has the whole cast and crew upset. She was to come back for our feature film. Gia retweeted about it on July 17t and we spoke about it. She even had texted with our associate producer, Justin Kates, about shooting some new pictures.  That’s how I know what she did was spontaneous. It is disheartening that she would take her own life over something so trivial as a boyfriend. I guess she just wanted to be loved.

Gia Tweets Ghost Trek

We are a small independent production and Gia took a chance on us – but we’ve gone a long way, screening at horror conventions and festivals, winning awards and having a big presence on the internet – just as things were finally developing for our project, Gia committed suicide. It all feels so foreign and strange to me. It was so out of character for the person I knew, who was pretty, and delightful. I would like to know more.

_DSC2560Gia having her make up touched by Bryan Reynolds.

_DSC2543Gia off in thought.

Here is our AMAZON STUDIOS link:

_DSC2596Gia taking a nap at our studio in South Charlotte. 

_DSC2531Gia and Girl Friday, musician Danielle Howle, going over her lines.

Gia was a pretty, funny girl with a pleasant smile.  I had hoped to work with her again.

_DSC25651st AD Wes Johnson, Bryan Reynolds, Christy “Scary Carrie” Johnson and Gia take five.

_DSC2903Gia and her co-star, Michael Melendez.

_DSC2566Gia, Christy, and Kevin Johnson as “Weasel”, the klepto-cameraman.


_DSC2747X-Factor’s Julia Bullock as “Jules Partridge”, Gia, Kevin, and Chrsity.

_DSC2849Kevin, Co-Director Robert Filion (in costume), Julia, Gia, Michael Bortone as “Robbie”, Christy, and Michael Plumides.

_DSC2910Melendez, Bortone, Gia, Brett Gentile as “Guy Swisher”, Jonny Fairplay as “Ray-Ray”, and Colt Cabana as “Barry ‘The Bomb” Burkowski.

Photos by Justin Kates:

_DSC2888Gia with Co-Director Robert Filion on the set of Ghost Trek: The Kinsey Report.


Our IMDB links: &


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