My dear friend, David Murray Brockie (50) of the shock-rock group, GWAR, has died. This is a piece I wrote in October of 2012 examining the twenty-five year relationship with David. Details and funeral arrangements are pending.

Michael G. Plumides Jr.'s The Decline of Southern Civilization

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This is a piece I wrote two years ago regarding my relationship with my long-time friend and partner in crime, Dave Brockie, who died yesterday. David Murray Brockie, 50, was found dead in his bed Sunday afternoon by his roommate. I don’t have further details at this time. The last time Dave was in Charlotte he hugged me around the neck and said, “Man, I’ve been keeping up with all your stuff. I’m so proud of you, man. I’m a fan. You really got your name out there.” That affirmation meant a lot to me. Dave and I go back twenty-five years. Indeed, this is a sad day in music and a terrible loss – Of all the many people I know in rock-n-roll, Dave was the brightest, quickest, most intelligent and creative person I had ever met. To read more, go here:  I will, more than…

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