My name is Michael Plumides and my comic project called Nocturnity.  I am also currently writing the Nocturnity novel, a follow up to my 2009 memoir, Kill the Music.
 The Nocturnity series follows Jade Winters, a misplaced teenager living a dull life in a rural Midwestern American town who has aspirations to leave and never look back. But that’s not all Jade dreams about. Jade dreams of weird things… and they are coming.


When Jade’s hamlet is terrorized by an unknown, diabolical force, he is relentlessly pursued by menacing, shadowy figures leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. There are strangers afoot in the town of Antioch, stalking Jade for reasons unknown.
Perhaps Jade’s beautiful young mom, Jenna, should have told him about her strange and dark past. To Jade’s rescue comes two Nocturns: Argasus and Lexi Minx, freakish, light-sensitive, immortal misfits, and the last of their kind. Suddenly, Jade is on the run with his new comrades and the future is uncertain as nefarious villains are suddenly in hot pursuit of the young grocery store clerk.
I really think Nocturnity will do great with both comic and horror, fantasy, and sci-fi fans. It has all the right hooks; anti-heroes, a little innocence and a ton of sexiness, diversity, and lots of cool monsters.
I worked on the Nightbreed TV series under contract as “Creative Consultant” for three years for Morgan Creek Productions and we will start pitching it in 2017. Nocturnity is similar to that work, done in the spirit of Stranger Things, but pays homage to Del Toro, Lovecraft, Mignola, and of course, Clive Barker but the structure is more akin to X-Men.
I also have a background in promotion; I have been promoting content in some form or another for thirty years starting out as Promotions Director of my college radio station, then nightclub promotion which resulted in the infamous GWAR bust of 1990 , band management and concert promotion of hundreds of legendary bands (Social Distortion, Bad Brains, Corrosion of Conformity, Testament, Bad Religion, etc.), I self-published a book in 2009 called Kill the Music, I went to horror conventions promoting my concept, Ghost Trek, doing make up exhibitions and screenings to standing-room-only crowds.
I promoted Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut on a grass roots level and spearheaded the distribution deal with Scream Factory which resulted in a Saturn Award.
My team consists of:
Amrit Birdi, a London illustrator who has done work for Marvel, Stella, and Porsche
Dee Cunniffe, pride of Ireland, who has flatted some of the best covers of 2015
Mindy Lopkin, a rising star in lettering, recently, working closely with Amrit on the best-selling graphic novel of all time (UK), Username: Evie with Birdi.
I have attached everything you need to see; Pitch deck with descriptions, artwork, a few testimonials, copyright, #1 script.  I have four more comic scripts written for your perusal if you so choose to see them. I also have six television series scripts written.


Nocturnity copyright

Nocturnity #1 (1_11)


NOCTURNITY Comic Cover 2

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