Art By Michael G. Plumides, Jr.


My name is Michael Plumides, and I’m an author, creative consultant, and filmmaker. You may know me as Executive Producer of Nightbreed: The Director’s Cut. I’m here to get you excited about my film entitled, Faces of Professor Gates.

Script Link: Faces of Professor Gates 03_12_17

This is the story of Professor David Gates, PhD, a forensic psychologist who teaches in the Criminal Justice Department at the University of Charleston. David’s case studies assist law enforcement in understanding the psychotic mind.

David is at an impasse in his life, with his wife recently dying of cancer and mother suffering from Alzheimer’s, he feels very alone, although his pretty grad assistant, Collette, has taken a shine to him. Oddly, David unwittingly discovers he has a twin in New York; a bizarre artist in Greenwich Village named Richard Scythe, who is celebrated for painting his lurid portraits of sadistic murder scenes. Some say the art is erotic and others say it’s misogynistic. Regardless, Professor Gates has been separated since birth and longs to be reunited with his brother to fill the emptiness inside him.

Upon meeting, David and Richard are involved in a horrific automobile accident. Richard is killed on impact and David’s face is damaged beyond recognition. A radical, experimental surgery takes place marking the first successful face transplant performed on twins. David recovers miraculously and after a year of physical therapy, he attempts to resume his life once again at the University, with Collette by his side.

Gates 3 black and white

However, all is not as it seems. Since the surgery, David is having twisted, grotesque nightmares and people start dying under strange circumstances every time Gates falls asleep. He’s also painting his own grisly portraits.  As Professor Gates feverishly chronicles his experience on his laptop, he questions his own sanity as the bodies pile up.

David struggles for his very soul in Faces of Professor Gates, a psychological horror/thriller that pays homage to classic genre films like Hellraiser, American Psycho, and Silence of the Lambs, but with the appeal of recent fare like Split, Get Out, or Green Room.

This is not a “jump scare” movie.

Faces of Professor Gates will have depictions of BDSM, violence, gore, brief nudity, offensive language, and adult situations. However, the film is darkly-comedic so it doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s open-ended with sequels in mind. The film also has branding potential in the 18-49 market, a possible cult hit with the coldness of Cronenberg and the camp of early De Palma.

 I’m Michael Plumides, thanking you in advance for your support.

Gates card

Faces of Professor Gates is copyrighted by Michael Plumides with the Library of Congress

Faces of Professor Gates copyright

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